Important Announcement

Important Announcement

Announcement dated 9 January 2015

Dear Fellow Shareholders/ Stakeholders/Customers/Employees/Partners,

2014 has been a delightful year for us and we are happy with our performance and achievement, and we are sure you are too. Amid the continuing challenges of the current economic situation we delivered better operating performance that positions us as a sound player in the education sector.

There has been recent announcements around a proposed acquisition and Bursa Malaysia Main Board transfer. We remain fully focused on the acquisition that is in the pipeline and our goal is to focus on building a new chapter and bring new life into the company with the objective of rebuilding Asia Metropolitan University (AMU) into a leading educational institution in Malaysia while providing high quality of education to students.

Therefore we have made a decision to defer our mainboard transfer exercise until we have achieved full integration and put in a transformational business model that would position us as market leaders in the education sector. We will revisit the mainboard transfer once we have completed the acquisition exercise.

We in SMRT see the opportunity and are confident in turning around the new acquisition due to our expertise and track record. This acquisition will create synergistic benefits to both companies. We believe such synergies will translate directly to higher revenue, higher profitability, greater capital velocity, and correspondingly stronger returns on invested capital.

We are grateful to our business associates and our shareholders for their support and trust. Rest assured, the board of SMRT will aim to grow consistently and in a sustainable manner.

On behalf of the Board, we would like to thank all stakeholders.

Should you require further information and/or clarification, please send an email to


With regards,

Board of Directors, SMRT Holdings Berhad